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Hot Lab Shielding Products

Tabletop Shield - for gamma and beta radiation
Tabletop Shields - for gamma radiation
Interlocking Lead Bricks and Caves
Shielded Waste Container
Shielded Decay Drum
Sharps Shields and Containers
Sharps Shields and Containers - for beta and gamma

Syringe Shields and Containers

Pro-Tec II Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec III Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec IV Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec V Syringe Shield - for safety syringes
Biodex Beta Syringe Shield
Syringe Carriers
Syringe Holder

PET Shielding
(see our PET section for more PET-specific items)

Gaard-Lock PET Syringe Shield
L-Block Shields
Deluxe L-Block Shield
Compact L-Block w/ Dose Calibrator Shield
PET Sharps Shield